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Tremendous Trailer Trash Tuesday Trailers January 17th 2012

Trailers, trailers and more trailers got a couple of cool ones to check out this week including Wes Anderson’s latest effort.





Brave is the Next Pixar movie that is set to be released.  This one is based in the land of my forefathers and the main character is a girl for a change. I think I just saw a will-o’-the-wisp in that clip, makes me feel like I am twelve playing some dungeons and dragons.  No way Adam Jr. does not beg me to take him to see this film. Look for this to invade the highlands theater near you on June 22nd.







Lost Island Official English dubbed trailer for Lost Island [aka L’île: les naufragés de la terre perdue],  This was released in France as you can probably tell from the subtitles. I have no idea of a release date in the U.S.   This looks a bit like the tv show Lost to me. I am hoping this is obscure enough for Mark’s tastes. I don’t see the film listed on Rotten Tomatoes and it has a very brief listing on IMDB. If anyone has any info on this film I would love to hear it.



Wes Anderson’s next film Moonshine Kingdom.  A new Wes Anderson film with Bruce Willis, Bill Murray and Edward Norton consider me intrigued.  What I have to wait till May 25th for it to be released NOOOOOOOOO.  Thats my George Lucas Darth Vader impersonation.


Well that’s it for cool trailers for this week. Check out my review of the classic disaster film Towering Inferno that I posted this week if you get the chance.

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