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New on DVD (June 2nd, 2014)

New On DVD


5 new releases to discuss this week and a few that look somewhat interesting.

First up we have



This reboot was getting a lot of hype upon release but that hype quickly faded.  I do have an interest in seeing this and will look to rent this soon.

Lone Survivor

Lone Survivor

Marky Mark stars in this one minus the funky bunch.   People were pretty pleased with this in the theater and looks like a good action flick.

Son of God

Son Of God

Another in a long line of films about Jesus, not getting the best reviews but I love a biblical tale when it is done well, we will see.

Goodbye World

Goodbye World

This dramedy revolves around a family who live off the grid but when a cyber attack invades the country they escaped from this family gets overwhelmed by people seeking shelter.

The Pretty One

The Pretty One

A coming of age film where a girl breaks out of her shell by pretending to have a twin. She plays both in what seems to be a comedic look at finding oneself.

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  • Maurice Mitchell June 4, 2014, 8:29 pm

    I’m very excited about Robocop but only enough to rent it on Redbox, so we’ll see. I hope you have an awesome evening.

  • Diana June 14, 2014, 12:44 pm

    The Pretty One looks just amazing. Seems like a great film, thanks for this post. I have no idea why I haven’t heard of this film before.

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